GYMNOVA announce new partnership with FB Curves 3D Gym

FB Curves 3D Gym have created a revolutionary new teaching tools aimed at helping gymnasts, coaches, judges and the gymnastic community fully understand, learn and develop with this exciting new teaching aide.

3D Gym MEN the App

Learn, develop and understand, this revolutionary teaching tool has brought all gymnastic elements to life, it is designed to help coaches, gymnasts, judges and the gymnastic community fully understand each gymnastic element. With the help of our 3D system you will be able to control each element with our touch screen controls and at the touch of a button.

The App is free to download with 45 skills for you to use. Get a feel for this great gymnastic tool and see just how powerful it is, you can upgrade to a simple version with 500 elements values A to C, or upgrade to the complete version with 800 elements all values.

With over 800 men’s gymnastics elements to choose from, our 3D videos have brought the “code of points” to life. Learn, develop and understand with this powerful teaching tool.

Amazing 3D visuals, a powerful search engine, zoom functions, 360 degrees rotation, different camera angles, speed variation….All at the end of your finger!

3D Gym Deduction Videos

The web programme has been designed for users subscribe and have access at a library of videos that explain the deductions applied to gymnastic elements when a fault happens. This program is aimed to help gymnasts understand the scoring system, it is aimed to help coaches know what deductions are applied to gymnasts when faults occur, to help the gymnastic community understand the complex scoring system and to help judges continue to develop and progress with he help of these powerful 3D videos. FB Curves 3D Gym add new videos to the library every month covering a new topic of faults every time. The library keep growing with your knowledge.

3D Gym @ Events

“Make our sport more popular and attractive” is one of our main objectives. That is why we are making our videos available for federations, organisations and broadcasters, these deduction videos and routine compilation videos explain the basics of the scoring sysem. As seen at “Internationaux De France” World Cup Challenge 2017, Welsh Championships and Commonwealth Games Trials 2018 and various Top 12 Matches during 2017. It is aimed to help enhance the public experience during a competition or event. The 3D Videos explain the scoring system, faults and requirements for the competition.

For more information about these great new teaching tools, please visit

“GYMNOVA and FB Curves 3D Gym Official Partners”